A1.1 Training for tannery staff on all aspects of quality of raw material

A1.2 Training for herders on animal husbandry, disease risks and mitigation, for slaughter facilities on flaying and fleshing techniques, and for traders & merchants on preservation and storage

A1.3 Support for introduction of latest beamhouse techniques in tanneries

A1.4 Support for introduction of latest tanning & finishing techniques in tanneries

A1.5 Training & assistance in use of alternative processing for eliminating use of materials that constrain recycling

A1.6 Promoting/establishing enhanced process monitoring and control techniques

A1.7 Establishing and supporting implementation of low energy and emission finishing operations

A1.8 Supporting design & installation of effluent treatment system.


Workpackage 2: PROCESS CONTROL

A2.1 Establishing process control and traceability systems in companies

A2.2 Establishing system to provide for input of results of laboratory analyses to confirm adherence to acceptable standards

A2.3 Installing database of process operations

A2.4 Installing licenses of process operations software.

 Workpackage 3:

A3.1 Examination and dissemination of trading requirements with international markets

A3.2 Needs assessment of producers and exporters of leather product

A3.3 Training on demands of consumers and the legal requirements related to eco-labelling and trading of goods

A3.4 Preparation of green business plans for Cluster members


Workpackage 4: CERTIFICATION

A4.1 Review of tanneries operations and elaboration of plan to join LWG

A4.2 Supporting preliminary registration activities of Cluster members to join RLRT.


Workpackage 5: MARKET LINKAGES

A5.1 Identification and establishment of supply linkages with retail outlets and distributors in Europe

A5.2 Linking retailers’ requirements to Cluster members’ operations

A5.3 Installation of CAD/CAM system

A5.4 Training of product manufacturers on use of CAD/CAM for design and construction

A5.5 Organization of workshops with private & public investors/financing institutions to explore and promote green finance opportunities.



A6.1. Overall Management and Coordination

A.6.2 Project Meetings

A.6.3 Execution

A.6.4 Project Monitoring and Evaluation


Workpackage 7: DISSEMINATION

A.7.1 Development of Dissemination Strategy

A.7.2 Development of dissemination and communication tools

A.7.3 Organization of dissemination events

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